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Class 1 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Hundred Islands, at Alaminos in Pangasinan province, a few hours by road North of Manila, is a very good location for Kayaking in the Philippines. All of the islands that make up the Hundred Islands group are within a few hundred metres paddling of each other.

If you are a kayaking enthusiast and a landscape photographer you will surely fall in love with Hundred Islands.

Opportunities For Kayaking Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands is a very good location for Kayaking, especially because much of the area surrounding the islands is a Marine Protected Area. The water between the islands are mostly shallow - a few metres deep - and the farther away from the beaches of Pangasinan you kayak, the corals become richer and more abundant with marine creatures.

If you venture out to the edge of Hundred Islands then you will probably witness shoals of fish leaping around you as they are pursued by larger predators.

Some of the Hundred Islands feature white sand beaches while others have golden sand. Some of the islands shelter mangrove forests, where birdwatching is an added attraction. There are islands with paddle-through caves with bats overhead and there are islands with trails to the top, from where you can get the best view of the beauty and extent of the natural wonder of the Hundred Islands National Park.

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Kayaking Equipment Rental Around Hundred Islands

Renting Kayaking equipment in Hundred Islands is a bit of a challenge unless you recruit the local kayaking guides. The best kayaking guides are found with the Hundred Island Eco Tourism Association (HIETA) on Bolo Beach where an eco-tourism ethos has been well established for almost a decade. The closest kayak rental to the Hundred Islands National Park is located at Bolo Beach; if you rent kayaks from Alaminos boat landing then you have a much longer paddle before you reach the islands.

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