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Class 2 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Hundred Islands National Park is a good location for Snorkeling in the Philippines. All of the islands that make up the Hundred Islands group have coral reefs at their perimeter. The best snorkeling will be found on the outer islands of the group.

Opportunities For Snorkeling Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands, at Alaminos in Pangasinan province, a few hours by road North of Manila, is a good location for snorkeling, especially because much of the water surrounding the islands is a Marine Protected Area. The waters around the Hundred Islands group are not the clearest in the Philippines but the farther away from the beaches of Pangasinan you travel, the waters become less silted and the corals become richer and more prolific with marine creatures.

Most of the areas between the individual islands are only a few metres deep, making them easy to snorkel but the visibility is not quite as good as in other snorkeling destinations around the Philippines, especially poor during the rainy season (May through October).

As you venture out to the edge of Hundred Islands National Park then the visibility is noticeably improved and, in addition to the coral formations and smaller reef fish, you will probably witness shoals of medium size fish as well as larger predators.

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Snorkeling Equipment Rental Around Hundred Islands

Renting Snorkeling equipment in Hundred Islands may be a bit of a challenge. Most tour boats from the boat landing at Alaminos have snorkeling gear available but these tours do not allow you to go exploring too far. The better option is to hire snorkeling gear and guides from Bolo Beach, as they are more inclined to show you what you are interested in rather than keeping you with the rest of a tour group.

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