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Class 1 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Kayaking in Anilao is new. Anilao has for many year been famous for snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing. Kayaking in Anilao has always had potential but only recently has the sport taken off to the point where you now rent kayaks and obtain qualified guidance as to the best places for a kayaking adventure.

Anilao is located at the northeast corner of Balayan Bay, Batangas. To the North are large areas of shallow coral reefs, ideal for kayaking over to view the prolific marine life . To the South are islands with pretty beaches and even more coral, to any depth you wish to view. Surrounding Balayan Bay are many boutique resorts that are very welcoming to visitors who come ashore in kayaks to enjoy to wide variety of sumptuous delicacies on offer.

Kayaking Locations Around Anilao

Kayaking location are abundant here in the vicinity of Anilao.

North Balayan Bay

Along the North shore of Balayan Bay, to the North of Anilao Port, you will find shallow water that is completely protected for wind and waves during the northeast monsoon season (October to May). The shallow waters are stuffed full of coral reefs that gently slope to beyond visible depth. Along the shore are a few beach resorts that are happy if you stop by and enjoy their individual charms. For a half-day paddle, North Balayan Bay offers an excellent kayaking experience.

Mabini Coast

The coast of Mabini, which extends from Anilao Port to the souther tip of the peninsular, there are small rocky bays with numerous resorts and some private houses fronting the water. The resorts offer a variety of environments but all offer good food and welcoming hospitality to visitors. As with North Balayan Bay, the best time to take a half-day paddle along the Mabini coast is during the northeast monsoon, when the wave action is least.

Maricaban Islands

Maricaban Island and the small islands that are dotted around it, make for excellent adventure kayaking. There are secluded, white sandy beaches in sheltered bays, with fishing villages and forest trails to explore. As you kayak across the strait that separates Maricaban Island from Mabini and Anilao the waters can be a little lumpy in the northeast monsoon, but will be almost calm during the southwest monsoon (July to September). For a day or two kayaking adventure, Maricaban Island offers a wide variety of environments to enjoy.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Anilao

Renting Kayaking equipment around Anilao is not completely easy. Many resorts have one or two kayaks for rent but the most kayaks and the best guides are usually found near Anilao Port.

If you want to learn how to enjoy kayaking then there is at least one kayak adventure enterprise that specializes in kayaking, and helping you enjoy the delights of paddling across the waters of Balayan Bay.

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