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Class 1 Philippine Windsurfing Destination

Anilao, Batangas, is the spiritual home of the Philippine Olympic Windsurfing Team and has been for more than 30 years. During the “amihan season” (northeast monsoon, October to May) the breeze funnels through the gap between the southern slops of Taal volcano and Mabini peninsular, and then bursts out across Balayan Bay. Anilao looks out across Balayan Bay towards the Calatagan peninsular and Lubang Island, and the West Philippine Sea beyond.

The amihan breezes are predicable and moderate-to-strong on most days and this has attracted windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the Philippines and from around the World. Anilao has become known as the best destination for teaching windsurfing, close to Metro Manila, because no matter the level of experience there is a beach on Balayan Bay that has the perfect combination of wind-strength and wave action. By virtue of its relative convenience to Metro Manila (less than two hours drive by private car), Anilao has retained its popularity for windsurfing even as other destinations have experienced a transition to kiteboarding.

If there is another reason why windsurfing in Anilao / Mabini has remained so popular in Anilao it is that it has never competed for space with Anilao's other most popular water sport: scuba diving. Windsurfing and scuba diving thrive together along the eastern shores of Balayan Bay, making Batangas doubly attractive as a get wet Philippines destination for local and international tourists.

Windsurfing Highlights In Anilao

Windsurfing Anilao is most popular in the areas close to the town of Anilao, close to the funneled breezes. However, those with a passion for jumping waves also find good breezes in the funnel between the southern tip of Anilao peninsular and Maricaban Island. Here, with a stiff northeaster over a flood tide, the perfect conditions are found for practicing those extreme, competition-winning windsurfing tricks and maneuvers.

Every year, usually in January, Anilao host an international windsurfing tournament as part of the Philippine windsurfing competition circuit. If you are a windsurfing enthusiast or have a passion for spots photography and want to capture some spectacular windsurfing photographs, this is an ideal time to visit Anilao, Batangas.

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Windsurfing Equipment Rental At Anilao

Renting windsurfing gear (boards, sails and safety gear) is not as easy as it once was in the main windsurfing area because many of the serious windsurfing enthusiasts now own cars and take their boards and sail with them. However, most beach resorts have windsurfing boards and sails for rent and staff who can provide basic instruction. You can expect to pay around US$25 per day for windsurf board/sail rental.

Seriously learning to windsurf in Anilao is also possible but, to avoid disappointment, you should arrange by advance request . . . most resorts and hotels will know how to make such arrangement in advance of your arrival. You can expect to pay US$60 per day to learn to windsurf in Anilao and this includes the board/sail rental.

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