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Class 1 Philippine Surfing Destination

Surfing off Baler during the northeast monsoon has been the draw for Philippine and international surfers for decades. The challenge (and part of the attraction) was that Baler was, until recently, one of the most difficult surfing destinations to get to without 4-wheel drive. Today, surfing the magnificent Baler surf breaks is as convenient as surfing San Juan, La Union. Come by air-conditioned bus or regular car (4-wheel drive no longer required) and Baler regularly serves up beautiful curls and barrels of three-metres . . . when there is a storm out over the Pacfic Ocean you can expect bigger surf.

The best surfing will be found in Baler during the northeast monsoon (September to March) each year.

Surfing Locations Around Baler

There are number of lesser surf breaks around baler but the two most popular are:

Sabang Beach

The most popular beach in Baler for surfing is Sabang Beach - the long gray-sand beach that streatches North from Baler town. The beauty of Sabang Beach is that it offers a variety of surf conditions on the same day. Whether you are a beginner, novice or experienced surfer, you will find a wave to suit your skill level. Sabang Beach, Baler, is where most of the surf shops are located and where surfers hang out after a day of riding the waves to shore. Lindy's Point, at the North end of Sabang Beach, is a special break for experienced surfers.

Cemento Beach

Off Cemento Beach is another popular place for surfing but the surf break here is typically larger and is favored by experienced surfers. If the waves at Sabang Beach are three-metres then they will most likely be four metres plus at Cemento Beach. Awesome!

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Surfing Equipment Rental In Baler

Renting surfing equipment (surfboards) around Baler is easy in the vicinity of Sabang Beach. There are a growing number of surf shops along Sabang Beach and you can rent or buy a board to suit you surfing skill and the breaks you want to ride.

In most recent years the residents of Baler have embraced the tourist potential of the surf and offer surfing lessons and coaching from beginner level, through novice surfer to experienced. If you want to learn to surf Pacific rollers then baler is a great place to do it.

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