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Class 2 Philippine Surfing Destination

History Of Surfing in Baras

Surfing has been an organized sport in Baras, Catanduanes Island, for at least a decade; every year in October the municipality has organized a surfing competition at the Majestic surf break to coincide with the town fiesta, which marks the founding of the municipality. Open to all surfing enthusiasts, the surfing competition typically enjoys first class surf at this time of year.

In May also, during the Catanduanes Island festival, there is a music and surfing competition designed to attract more novice surfers and long-boarders to enjoy the slightly smaller waves that arrive at this time of year.

Surfing Locations Around Baras

Baras offers the Majestic surf break, which is comparable to Siargao's Cloud 9 and to many breaks in Hawaii and California. The Majestic break runs along Puraran Beach and provides great sport for intermediate and advanced surfers from September through December and from March to June. At other times of the year the break is ideal for surfing beginners; if there is a storm out over the Pacific Ocean then the surfing may be for advanced surfers only.

The name “Majestic” was coined around the turn of the century by Australian surfers who traveled the entire East coast of the Philippines to find new and exciting places to surf. The Majestic Break at Baras was considered to be one of the best.

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Renting Surfing Equipment In Baras

Surfing equipment rental (short and long surfboards) on Baras Island may be a bit of a challenge and ideally you should bring your own surfboards. There are some boards for rent but on holidays and weekends these are quickly hired and you may wait a long time for your chance to catch the waves.

If you are a beginner then there are local surfers who will happily assist you but it is advisable to make arrangements in advance through your chosen beach resort.

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