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Opportunities For Scuba Diving Bindoy

Bindoy is a very good location for scuba diving, especially along the wall of the Mantalip Reef facing the Tañon Strait. The Mantalip Reef offers large areas of relatively shallow water over coral reefs, where fish feel safe from predators including Man. As the tide ebbs these fish leave the safety of the shallow waters at the reef-top and descend the edges of the wall where top predators, like shark and Spanish Mackerel, are waiting for lunch.

The big fish action off the Mantalip Reef for scuba divers is superb and has become very popular. The chance to also see the occasional turtle and whale shark makes scuba diving Bindoy and excellent option.

The waters off Mantalip Reef are typically crystal clear, offering very good visibility throughout much of the year. However, it can be a little rough during the northeast monsoon period, when the prevailing winds build waves unhindered, all the way from Masbate Island some 100 miles to the northeast.

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Scuba Diving Equipment Rental Around Bindoy

Renting Scuba Diving equipment in Bindoy is a challenge. Most scuba divers will visit the Mantalip Reef off Bindoy coming from Dumaguete dive shops and beach resorts - the 2-hour boat ride is considered worth it for the opportunity to see top predators in action along the wall of Mantalip Reef. Note: scuba diving over the Marine Protected Area of the Mantalip Reef is prohibited without an approved Scuba Diving Guide.

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