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Bindoy is an good location for Snorkeling, especially because of the large Marine Protected Area along the Mantalip Reef. The Mantalip Reef offers large areas of relatively shallow water over the coral reef, affording excellent underwater photography of the diverse and abundant marine ecosystem. Highlights of snorkeling Mantalip Reef are large numbers of tabletop coral with shoals of blackspot snapper and brilliant blue starfish. Towards high tide the reef is simply bursting with marine life and gazillions of fish that understand the value of decades of protection from unsustainable fishing methods. Close to low tide and you will have to snorkel out to the edge of Mantalip Reef for a similar experience.

If you venture out to the edge of Mantalip Reef, to the reef wall, it enables you to see many shoals of larger fish and turtles, plus reef sharks and other top reef predators in action.

The waters off Mantalip Reef are typically crystal clear, offering very good visibility throughout much of the year. However, it can be a little rough during the northeast monsoon period, when the prevailing winds build waves unhindered, all the way from Masbate Island some 100 miles to the northeast.

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Snorkeling Equipment Rental Around Bindoy

Renting Snorkeling equipment in Bindoy is a bit of a challenge unless you recruit the local snorkeling guides, approved by the municipal tourism office. If you are planning to explore the outer reaches of Mantalip Reef then bring your own equipment but be advised that, as a reef protection measure, snorkeling over the Marine Protected Area of the Mantalip Reef is prohibited without an approved Snorkeling Guide.

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