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Class 1 Philippine Cliff Diving Destination

The history if Cliff Diving in Boracay is short. In 2008 a local entrepreneur purchased a piece of land on neighboring Panay Island, with commanding views West over the Sulu Sea, and constructed a resort retreat above the cliffs. He installed a series of diving platforms, built a staircase and the rest, as they say, is history.

Cliff Diving Locations Around Boracay

There is only one cliff diving location around Boracay. It is known as Ariel's Point and is owned / operated by the Boracay Beach Club (station 1, Boracay). To get there you take a short boat ride and then climb the steps to the various diving/jumping boards. During your day of cliff diving you will enjoy locally-prepared seafoods & vegetables, and an open bar - useful to generate courage sufficient to demonstrate your cliff diving prowess from the highest levels.

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Cliff Diving Equipment In Boracay For Rent

The only cliff diving equipment you require is courage: the conventional kind or the kind derived from various levels of beer and rum. All is supplied at Ariel's Point, including the ferry boat transport to get you there and back.

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