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Class 1 Dragon Boat Racing Destination

Boracay Beach, during the northeast monsoon season (November to April), is a great place for dragon boat racing. Here in Boracay the sport of dragon boat racing is designed to please the spectators as much as the competitors.

Every year, usually in February, and international dragon boat festival is organized in Boracay, with teams arriving from all over the World to enjoy the varied delights of the Boracay Beach lifestyle.

Dragon Boat Racing Locations Around Boracay

There is only one place ideally suited for dragon boat racing in Boracay and that is along the famous white beach. Here along Boracay white beach the waters are flat, calm; the combination of white sand and azure waters create the perfect canvas for photography.

If you can join a team and paddle to victory in theIinternational Boracay Dragon Boat Festival (typically held in Boracay towards the end of April) then you will make your friends back home drool when you post your photographs on the Internet.

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Renting Dragon Boat Racing Equipment In Boracay

It is virtually impossible to rent dragon boat racing canoes in Boracay unless you join one of the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) or Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCKF) paddling clubs or teams. However, if you have a team and want to enter the competitions then dragon boats are provided by the Boracay Dragon Boat Festival organizers.

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