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Class 2 Philippine Jet Skiing Destination

Jet Skiing around Boracay has offered high octane action since the last century - speed is part of the Boracay lifestyle. Away the beach areas (not close to the famous White Beach) jet skiing is possible with virtually no restrictions.

The lack of restrictions (except along White Beach) applies to all water sports, so jet ski enthusiasts must compete for space with, and be considerate of, many other water sports activities, including scuba divers and parasailers in particular. Jet skiers must also be mindful of commercial traffic, of which there is a lot around the southern end of Boracay Island.

Jet Skiing Locations Around Boracay

Jet Skiing out of Boracay will please the adventurer, as the least restrictions apply the farther you get from Boracay Island itself.

For speed and wave jumping try the North end of the Boracay Island. For flat water and maximum octane runs, you can zip along the nearby North shore of Panay Island.

For the truly adventurous jet skiing enthusiast you can head North to Tablas Island and take lunch at a selection of beach resorts along the coast or within Looc Bay. Looc Bay is about an hour by jet ski from Boracay White Beach. If you are truly adventurous then there are a couple of jet ski enthusiast clubs on Boracay Island who will be happy to share their knowledge of great places to discover.

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Renting Jet Skis & Equipment In Boracay

Renting Jet Skiing equipment in Boracay is easy. Along Boracay White Beach there are many places to rent jet skis and safety wear. Prices range from US$100 to US$150 per hour inclusive of mandatory safety wear. A collision damage deposit is usually required when renting jet skis in Boracay.

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