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Class 3 Philippine Stand Up Paddleboarding Destination

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Boracay is for visitors who want to look onto the famous Boracay white beach from the sea, instead of looking out from it.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Locations Around Boracay

Stand Up Paddleboarding around Boracay is most common along Boracay white beach during the northeast monsoon season (October through April) when, for novices, the chance to learn balance and to have their photograph taken for instant posting on the Internet is the main attraction.

Around the North coast of Boracay Island there is a little surf during the northeast monsoon so experienced Stand Up Paddleboarding enthusiasts can find a little entertainment there . . . but it is a long paddle workout to get there.

Ironically, during the southwest monsoon (June to September) the waves come crashing onto the sand along Boracay’s white beach and provide Stand Up Paddleboarders with a bit of fun, but this is also the time of year when few tourists visit Boracay because most other reasons to visit have been blown before the wind.

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Renting Stand Up Paddleboards In Boracay

Renting Stand Up Paddleboarding equipment in Boracay is relatively easy. Most Boracay Beach Resorts that specialize in water sports will have Stand Up Paddleboards for rent.

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