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Sailing, as a sport, in Boracay almost certainly started as a way to extract spare cash from otherwise bored holiday makers while they waited for the next spectacular Boracay sunset. True, native paraw sailing boats have always been parked along Boracay's long white beach, and the occasional cruising yacht would drop by long before Boracay became the tourist mecca it is today, but essentially Boracay is not well suited to the sport of sailing because there is no truly safe place to anchor a yacht without leaving someone aboard - just in case. The safest anchorage during the northeast monsoon (November to May) is southwest of Boracay Beach; in the southwest monsoon (June through October) most yachts, and even the native sailing paraws, will be sheltering somewhere else.

Sailing Highlights In Boracay

Sailing in Boracay is a fast paced experience using native paraw, outrigger sailing boats. But it can be equally as fast paced when the international regattas are organized here during February each year.

Native Paraws

For US$10-20 per hour you and your friends can streak along the calm waters in front of Boracay's famous, long white sand beach, catching the spray and the exhilaration of the power of the wind throughout the amihan season - northeast monsoon from November through May each year. These native paraw, outrigger sailing boats are adapted for tourism from the classic racing paraws that compete in the Iloilo Paraw Regatta (150 kilometres South of Boracay) each year. If you have never been sailing before then this is one experience you should not miss.

Boracay Race

The Boracay Race originally started in Manila Bay but in 2009 the race start was changed to Subic Bay because the participants found Manila Bay's light winds at the start to be less than desirable. Sailing out of Subic Bay to Boracay, the 204-mile Boracay Race takes 20-40 hours to complete on average. The Boracay Race is on the Asian Yacht Racing circuit and participants bring their super-expensive racing sleds from all around the Asia Pacific region to compete for honors on the day. The start of the race in Subic Bay is usually spectacular because of the numbers of racing yachts and spectators on the water, while the finish can be very fast and colorful as the yachts reach down along Boracay Beach after finishing.

Boracay Cup Regatta

Every year in February the Boracay Cup Regatta is held in the waters around Boracay Island, immediately following the Boracay Race from Subic Bay. This four-day high-performance sailing event is the premiere sailing event in the Asia Region insomuch as the wind across Boracay in February is stronger than anywhere else - during the 2010 Boracay Cup Regatta, one day of racing was actually canceled because the wind breached the 40-knot safety limit set by the coastguard. If there is a sailing equivalent of a Formula 1 Grand Prix then the Boracay Cup Regatta is it.

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Sailing Yacht Charter & Rental In Boracay

Chartering a sailing boat in the form of a native, outrigger paraw is easy. There are scores of sailing paraws available throughout the year and the prices are negotiable - especially if you happen to talk to a boat captain while he is eating breakfast or lunch.

Chartering a conventional sailing yacht is quite difficult, partly due to the regulations that govern yacht charter in the Philippines and partly due to the lack of space to keep a sailing yacht around Boracay Island. However, there are typically one or two sailing yachts for charter in Boracay, but you will have to ask around to find the one that is currently available.

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