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Class 3 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Boracay, is a fairly good location for scuba diving in the Philippines. Certainly, if you want to learn to scuba dive then the facilities and the waters are well suited to education.

What Boracay lacks, from a scuba diving perspective, is the plethora of species found elsewhere around the Philippines and the general absence of corals in areas close to Boracay's beach resorts. The root cause of the lack of specie and habitat was the unregulated development of Boracay as a beach and water sport paradise, with speed boats and jetskis running wild in all directions. To make amends for the damage cause earlier, dive shops around Boracay have worked together to deliberately sink a boat and an aircraft (the Tri-jet) off the main reef, and they have undertaken a reef restoration program using artificial reef-balls, to encourage new coral growth and to provide sufficient habitat to encourage fish to return.

Opportunities For Scuba Diving Boracay

The long reef that fronts Boracay's famous beach is a place to learn to scuba dive. The waters are relatively shallow and the current negligible except at the North and South extremities of Boracay Island.

Scuba divers with more experience will find more interesting diving out at Crocodile Island, to the southeast of Boracay Island. Here the clean waters flow in from Pacific Ocean through the San Bernardino Strait, supplying nutrients to the corals and marine life, before they get disturbed by the constant boat movements between Caticlan and Boracay Island.

Even more experienced scuba divers will be entertained by the drift diving opportunities afforded by the wall and reef near the North end of Boracay Island. Here you can drift over the wall and sea mount at up to four knots and witness some big fish action along the way. Diving off the North of Boracay Island is not for everyone and you should check out conditions with your favorite dive shop before scuba diving here.

If you find yourself in Boracay and have a yearning to truly explore the Philippines underwater then you should take a day out, take the ferry North to Tablas Island and (better still) Romblon Island, just a few hours away. The only identified blue hole in the Philippines is located off Tablas Island.

If you are thinking about learning to scuba dive, and you crave the other passions that Boracay Beach is famous for, then this is the best place for you. Certainly, when it comes to sharing your experience of learning to scuba dive with your friends on the Internet, Boracay has some obvious benefits.

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Scuba Diving Gear Rental In Boracay

Renting scuba diving gear in Boracay is very easy. There are armfuls of dive shops eager to rent the equipment and scuba gear needed for a day beneath the waves.

Learning to scuba dive in Boracay is big business, with divemasters and instructors to assist you, located all along white beach. The prices are competitive but they are higher here than in most other Philippine scuba diving destinations because of the high cost of being located in Boracay.

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