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Class 3 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling in Boracay was the prelude to scuba diving. In the early 1980s you could snorkel the reef that separates Boracay white beach from the Sulu Sea and observe almost untouched corals and myriad reef fish displaying a thousand shades of rainbow. The Bulabog Beach reef was equally as exciting as were the reefs along the northern perimeter of Boracay Island.

In this century the pressures of tourism had taken their toll and the reefs had been badly damaged by illegal fishing methods (used to extract sufficient fish to feed the ever growing number of tourists) and boat damage, especially unregulated water sports activities that required the use of anchors. Recent increases in typhoon activity have not helped. Most recently (2012) a program of reef restoration was launched with the use of artificial reef ball, specifically designed to attract algae and provide shelter for reef fish, corals will eventually be attracted to the balls and, in perhaps ten years, some of the reef's former glory will be restored.

The recent regulation of water sports activities, that require boats to tie up to moorings instead of anchoring, will also aid the restoration of the reef.

Snorkeling Locations Around Boracay

Snorkeling is still enjoyable along parts of the main reef off the Boracay's famous white beach, especially to the North and along the East coast, where the outlying islands have suffered less damage.

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Snorkeling Gear Rental In Boracay

Renting snorkeling gear in Boracay is very easy. There are armfuls of dive shops eager to rent the equipment and gear needed for a day over the reefs. Most beach resorts also offer snorkeling gear for rent.

Snorkeling guides are available from dive shops although they typically charge the same fees as they would for scuba diving and are therefore quite expensive by comparison to other snorkeling destinations in the Philippines.

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