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Windsurfing in Boracay as a sport started in the 1990s. Local windsurfers started to come to Boracay, especially Bulabog Beach, where they set up board shops, beachfront cafes and bars so that they could enjoy watching their friends windsurf the Northeast monsoon breezes. Windsurfing schools soon followed as did resorts catering especially to windsurfers and their families.

Because of the unique geographic location of Boracay Island, and it being exposed alternately to the northeast and southwest monsoons, it is possible to windsurf year round in Boracay. However, the majority of windsurfers prefer the northeast monsoon season where they enjoy the shallow water within the reef that fronts Bulabog Beach. The large expanse of shallow water between the reef and Bulabog Beach makes Boracay an excellent place to learn how to windsurf in safety.

Every year in January the Boracay Funboard Cup attracts hundreds of windsurfers from around the World to compete in a week long series of competitions. Trophies and prizes are on offer for novices all the way through to professional windsurfers. The Boracay Funboard Cup is the largest, regular gathering of windsurfing enthusiasts in Asia and the event now includes a kiteboarding competition, attracting thousands of spectators to Boracay . . . set your cameras to sport mode and start clicking.

Windsurfing Locations Around Boracay

Windsurfing in Boracay is most usually seen along the East-facing Bulabog Beach. Almost all of the windsurfing resorts, and shops selling windsurfing equipment, are located along Bulabog Beach. During the southwest monsoon season you will find some avid windsurfers testing themselves against the strong south-westerlies along Boracay's famous white beach.

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Windsurfing Equipment In Boracay For Rent

You can rent all the windsurfing equipment you need in Boracay at any one of a number of resorts and stores along Bulabog Beach. Board, sails, harnesses and safety gear are all available for rent on Bulabog. You can also buy your own windsurfing equipment here and have items of equipment serviced and repaired. If you are a beginner then rent the equipment and talk to the professionals about how to select your own board and sail.

Learning to windsurf in Boracay is easy along Bulabog Beach, with most resort and board-shops offering windsurfing lessons at very reasonable prices.

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