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Class 2 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba Diving will become one of the major vacation sports attractions of Bulalacao. Partly because the waters are crystal clear for most of the year and partly because it is virgin territory, with many reefs and wrecks to be uncovered. There are ancient records of shipwrecks off Bulalacao's outlying islands and no records of any salvage being accomplished.

Bulalacao was once a favorite stopover for trading ships passing along the coast of Mindoro because the streams that rose in the heart of Mindoro Island were considered to be the cleanest and the Mangyans - the indigenous people of the area - were the most friendly. Nothing much has changed, and apart from some siltation within Bulalacao Bay during the rainy season, the streams that reach the seas in other parts of Bulalacao run clear.

Corals have forever flourished and with the establishment of Marine Protected Areas combined with the political will to stamp out unsustainable fishing practices, Bulalacao's waters are abundant and vibrant with marine life.

The only thing that has prevented Bulalacao becoming a notable scuba diving center is its relative geographic isolation and the myriad of other interesting scuba diving destination that are easier to get to.

Bulalacao is just waiting for its first dive shop to open.

Scuba Diving Around Bulalacao

Scuba Diving around Bulalacao can be accomplished almost anywhere, except for at the head of Bulalacao Bay where two, often silt-laden, rivers exit - visibility at the head of Bulalacao Bay is especially problematic during the rainy season (July-November).

Tambaron Island & Maasin Island

To the East of Bulalacao Bay are Tambaron Island and Maasin Island. Both islands, and the passages between, them have some beautiful coral formations all around and a wide variety of fish are present year round. Easy to reach from Bulalacao town, these are the closest dive sites to your most likely resort accommodation.

Sugikay Island

Farther East and a little North are white sand beaches of Sugikay Island, shallow reefs are evident here where muck diving is favored. To get to Sugikay Island you will have to rent a boat but the experience will be worth it and the island folk are very friendly.

Buyayao Island

Farther northeast is the beautiful Buyayao Island, surrounded by reefs. To the West of Buyayao there is an interesting sea mount (damaged on the top by ships' anchors as the sea mount is a typhoon anchorage), around its girth vibrant corals have flourished. Along the West coast of Buyayao Island, the coral walls fall steeply away and there are a couple of small cave entrances here, as yet unexplored. Buyayao Island could hold many scuba diving treasures because nobody has really explored its extents and because offers the only place of shelter along the East coast of Mindoro Island.

Target Island

Target Island (sometimes Alibatan Island) is to the extreme West of Bulalacao Bay and has clear waters to flush its reefs all the time. The waters of Target Island produce shoals of skip jack tuna as well as Spanish Mackerel and other pelagic fish because it sits along the edge of the marine life migration route around the southern tip of Mindoro.

Liwagao Island

Finally, the small, white sand beach island of Liwagao, which was originally part of Bulalacao and claimed "loaned" to the southerly neighbor (Antique province) but not yet returned. Surrounded by white sand beaches and deep coral reefs and walls, the waters off the Liwagao Island are most bountiful and productive - one of the reasons that Antique province does not want to give Liwagao Island back!

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Bulalacao

Renting Scuba Diving in Bulalacao is not possible at this time. The nearest places to rent scuba diving equipment are from dive shops in Puerto Galera, Boracay and Ambulong Island (San Jose).

It is anticipated that within 2014, scuba diving equipment rental in Bulalacao will be possible.

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