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Class 2 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling is already becoming popular in Bulalacao for visitors staying at the handful of beach resorts recently establish here. Snorkeling will become even more popular as visitors have the time to fully explore the riches within reach of their underwater cameras, along Bulalacao's island reefs and reef walls.

Bulalacao has ever since been famed for the crystal clear waters of its streams and rivers. The fact that the streams and rivers run clear has kept the corals vibrant and bountiful, and perfect for snorkeling.

Corals have forever flourished around Bulalacao and with the establishment of Marine Protected Areas combined with the political will to stamp out unsustainable fishing practices, Bulalacao's waters abound with marine life.

Bulalacao is ready for snorkeling to become one of its most famous tourist attractions.

Snorkeling Around Bulalacao

Snorkeling around Bulalacao can be accomplished almost anywhere except for at the head of Bulalacao Bay, where two, often silt-laden rivers exit.

To the East of Bulalacao Bay are Tambaron Island and Maasin Island. Both islands have some beautiful coral formations all around and a wide variety of fish are present year round. In the passages between, the islands drift snorkeling is possible when the tide is on the ebb.

Farther East and a little north there are white sandy beaches of Sugikay Island, shallow reefs are evident here where is easy and the environment so pleasing.

Farther northeast is the beautiful Buyayao Island, surrounded by reefs and blessed with seven white sand beaches to rival those of Boracay. Along the West coast of Buyayao, the colorful coral walls fall steeply away; to the North and West of Buyayao Island are large areas of shallow corals above white sand, perfect for novice snorkelers to learn and to enjoy.

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Rent Snorkeling Equipment In Bulalacao

Renting Snorkeling in Bulalacao is not easy at this time. The few beach resorts have some snorkeling equipment available for rent but to be sure of satisfaction you should seriously consider bringing your own.

It is anticipated that within 2014, the first Bulalacao dive shop will be opened and so snorkeling equipment should become more readily available for rent.

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