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History Of Scuba Diving in Busuanga

Scuba Diving around Busuanga is mostly (but not completely) about wreck diving. The story starts in the latter stages of World War II, on 24th September, 1944, when Allied Forces were pushing the Imperial Japanese Forces North, out of the Philippines. In an airborne attack on Imperial Japanese shipping, American planes sank nine vessels within the space of a few hours. In the 1980s the shipwrecks were discovered by explorer scuba divers who then told the World how amazing the diving experience was. Clear waters and abundant marine life, with the opportunity to dive on shipwrecks undisturbed since World War II, was too much temptation and Busuanga Island became famous for the "Coron Wrecks".

Most of the Coron Wrecks are actually located around the municipality of Busuanga and, if you want the shortest boat rides to the most interesting wrecks, then you will find a dive shop in Busuanga rather than in Coron town.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Busuanga

The shipwrecks are the main attraction in Busuanga for scuba divers but they are not the only thing that motivates scuba divers to fly here from all around the World. The really neat thing about the Coron Wrecks is that most of them are lcoated at recreational scuba diving depths so everyone gets a chance to see something.

As you travel West, along the southern shores of Busuanga Island, you are presented with scores of small islands, each with their own reefs, most of which are within Marine Protected Areas. These island reefs alone would be sufficient to make Busuanga a must-visit scuba diving destination. But there are other attractions . . .

One of the least interesting Japanese wrecks is just off Black Island, far out to the West of Busuanga. Black Island holds other secrets discovered only with cave diving in two pools. Above the smallest pool is a drum-skin of rock that, when struck resonates with a tone that is audible far out across the bay that Black Island faces. The pool itself has an underwater passage that is eventually too narrow to navigate but its walls are covered in strange markings, from ancient civilization perhaps? The second pool also has a passage but this is longer and wider. The passage ends at a wall that appears to be Man-made. Could this be the final repository of Yamashita's Gold?

Busuanga offers superb opportunities for macro photography and there are many alternative sports here to entertain you on obligatory lay-days. If you are looking for an all-round scuba diving / wreck diving experience that has more charm, intrigue and variety than Truk Lagoon then Busuanga is for you.

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Renting Scuba Gear In Busuanga

Scuba gear rental in Busuanga is easy. There are a handful of well equipped dive shops with good and serviceable equipment for rent and they will provide boats to get you to all of the Coron Wrecks, and supply divemasters and guides.

If you are a beginner then you need to know that Busuanga has qualified dive instructors for basic and advanced scuba diving courses.

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