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Class 1 Philippine Snorkeling Destination

Busuanga is an excellent location for Snorkeling, with varied environments and opportunities. Snorkeling areas cover island reefs and sandbars. Because there are so few rivers exiting into the area and few inhabitants, the visibility around Busuanga's waters is excellent throughout the year.

Opportunities For Snorkeling Busuanga

A short boat ride to any of the scores of small, largely uninhabited islands and islets will bring the opportunity to snorkel over corals that have enjoyed the protection of being within effectively policed Marine Protected Areas for a decade or more.

Here are two of the favorites:

Calambuyan Island Reef

Does anyone remember Jacques Cousteau? Snorkeling over the Calambuyan Island Reef offers a glimpse into the amazing World that Jacques Cousteau introduced through his television documentaries, three decades ago. The Calambuyan Island Reef, and the tranquil white sand beaches of Calambuyan Island set the scene for gentle drift snorkeling and making friends with the more curious of Mother Nature's aquatic offspring.

South Cay & North Cay

Directly to the West of Busuanga are the islands of Pamalican and Maltatayoc; almost equidistant between Pamalican and Maltatayoc are two white sand sandbars, South Cay and North Cay, about a kilometer part. The South Cay and North Cay white sand sandbars are surrounded by crystal clear waters where seagrasses and soft corals abound. Take a picnic lunch and your snorkeling gear to South Cay and North Cay and you will have found a private snorkeling paradise with only seabirds as voyeurs.

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Snorkeling Equipment Rental Around Busuanga

Renting Snorkeling equipment from Busuanga beach resorts is relatively easy. Most of the beach resorts have snorkeling equipment for rent at reasonable prices and the quality is quite serviceable. The dive shops can provide expert snorkeling guides but many people simply stop by an island and just explore.

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