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Calapan is a new kayaking destination in the Philippines with much to offer. Calapan goes beyond the usual. Aside from kayaking the beach-fronts and mangroves, there are rivers and islands to explore and additional activities to engage in, such as snorkeling and sport fishing. Currently, the Bikyakers Of Calapan are the only organized kayaking group in Calapan and they paddle early every Sunday morning, starting at 6am; the Bikyakers welcome visiting paddlers.

Kayaking Locations Around Calapan

Calapan is a port town on the Philippine Nautical Highway and is busy with ferry boats for most of the time. Once you cross the ferry lanes there are five outlying islands to explore that are also marine protected areas, providing spectacular corals and marine life to observe and photograph.

The most prominent kayaking destination are the three Baco Islands to the North of Calapan - pretty beaches for picnic lunch and a great jump-off point for snorkeling. To the East: Silonay Islet and the smaller Aganhao Islet are a shorter kayak but over tidal streams that can be more challenging.

There is also an extensive river system, South of Calapan City, that will take you to Caluangan Lake along the Baruyan River and then into the lower reaches of the mountainous interior of Mindoro Island.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Calapan

At the moment (2014) the only place to easily rent kayaking equipment in Calapan is from the Bikyakers of Calapan but it is fully expected that next year kayaks will be available along the Baruyan River and Caluangan Lake. The Bikyakers started life as a mountain biking club but have progressed to become the premier kayaking club of the area - largely because the tracks and roadways have become overcrowded with various motorized transports whereas the waterways are largely without obstruction.

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