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Class 2 Snorkeling Destination

Snorkeling Calapan is a new experience for almost everyone. Few people (except for snorkellers) have actually ventured outside the city to the reefs and islands, but the few who have have come back wide-eyed with excitement at the splendor of the vibrant colors in the variety of corals and exciting marine life.

Snorkeling Locations Around Calapan

Due North from Calapan is the 3-island group of the Baco Islands: Baco Chico (the largest island), Pulong Gitna and Pulong Munti (the smallest island). The Baco Islands stand at the entrance to the World-famous Verde Island Passage – acclaimed for its extreme marine biodiversity. Crystal clear water swirls around each of the islands during the ebb tide (East to West), leaving sheltered eddies on the West side of each island. During the flood tide (West to East) a gentler tidal flow inches southeast towards Tayabas Bay.

To the East of Calapan there is a large coral reef system that embraces Aganhao Islet. The Aganhao Islet reef system is flushed on each tidal change, bringing Mother Nature's aquatic bounty into clear view. Beyond Aganhao is the larger Silonay Islet, around which is a marine protected area that demands investigation during almost all tidal stages.

Snorkeling Calapan on any sunny day with your waterproof camera will let you bring the wonders of the underwater world to your friends across the Internet.

Perhaps the best way to get to the best snorkeling locations is to go by kayak. Check out the kayaking in Capalan here

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Rent Snorkeling Equipment In Calapan

Renting snorkeling equipment in Calapan is more of a challenge insomuch as beach resorts here are located near the sediment laden river estuaries where snorkeling is not so exciting. A few resorts have snorkeling equipment for rent but the best advice (in 2014) is to take you own mask, snorkel and flippers.

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