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Class 3 Philippine Rafting Destination

Baco, Oriental Mindoro - actually not quite in Calapan but Calapan is the closest place for transport and a realistic selection of accommodations; to the West, along a long and winding road, is the tourist Mecca of Puerto Galera. Baco is a relatively small municipality that embraces Mount Halcon (2,586 m/8,482 ft) to the South and the Verde Island Passage to the North. Through Baco, along a torturous route down from Mount Halcon, flows the Ariguy River.

The indigenous people of the area - the Mangyan - for eons extracted gold and other minerals from the area around Mount Halcon and, in particular, the Ariguy River. What was extracted was only ever sufficient to satisfy the needs of the moment and, as a result, the levels of sustainability were never in jeopardy. In the 21st century, where the global demand for electronic gadgets and gismos has penetrated even the most remote communities, the needs have been increased to a point where they pervert the moment and demand expansive (mineral) extraction . . . or an alternative source of income.

Opportunities For White Water Rafting In Calapan

White water rafting along the Ariguy River in Baco is not so extreme, except during the peak of the rainy season, and offers easy paddling. What makes the journey unique in all the World is the beauty and cleanliness of the river combined with the people who offer the rafting facilities.

The white water rafting offered on the Ariguy River is the result of a sustainable development project inaugurated by the ABS-CBS Foundation's Green Initiative. This river rafting project provides the indigenous peoples of the area with an opportunity to earn from the river instead increasing the mining of gold and other minerals from the heart of Mount Halcon.

Opened to the public in 2012, the Ariguy River white water rafting adventure offers around two hours of excitement over rapids and through gorges that few have seen or photographed before. Although not extreme in terms of levels of danger, the Ariguy River rafting experience is a total package that includes an introduction to tribal culture, learning the basic skills of panning for gold and a sample of culinary offerings that are unique to the locality.

The river rafting experience at Ariguy River, if you bring your camera with you, provides so much pixelatable scenery that you may forget to paddle. What happens after the river rafting is an introduction to the Indigenous People's world that only a few thousand have witnessed before.

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White Water Rafting Equipment Rental At Ariguy River Calapan

Renting rafting equipment and safety gear at the Ariguy River is easy. The indigenous people have adequate numbers of two person inflatable raft/kayaks for most group sizes and rent a raft/kayak for around US$30 for the two hour river rafting experience.

The rafting guides along the Ariguy River are knowledgeable and understand why all developments should be sustainable in concept and execution.

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