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Class 1 Philippine Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Destination

Kiteboarding in Caliraya Lake has grown in popularity since the mid-2000s because it is only a couple of hours by car from Metro Manila and the ambivalence of the Lake lifestyle matches the spirit of kiteboarding.

As with most windsurfing destinations, where windsurfing is good so too is kiteboarding. During the Amihan season, Caliraya Lake enjoys steady northeasterly breezes that ruffle the lake’s surface without creating huge waves. The absence of rocks and corals below the surface of the lake, combined with shallow water entry, also make Caliraya Lake a great place for learning to kiteboard.

As an indication of the quality of wind and water here, the Philippine Kiteboarding Association frequently hold one of the legs of their KPA Tour at the Caliraya Lake.

Kiteboarding Locations Around Caliraya Lake

Around Caliraya Lake there are a host of great places to take to the air with your kite and board. During the Amihan season, the southern and eastern shores offer the best combination of stretches of open water and a steady on-shore breeze.

Much of the circumference of Caliraya Lake is bordered by private land and much of this is undeveloped - gaining access from the roadways may be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a handful of residences that have been opened as home-stays or guesthouses, and many of these are enthusiastic supports of active sports such and kiteboarding and windsurfing on the lake.

There is also a public park on the east corner of Caliraya Lake and it is possible to fly from here.

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Rent Kiteboarding Equipment In Caliraya Lake

Renting Kiteboarding equipment around Caliraya Lake is not easy at this time; you should expect to bring your own equipment. The best advice, if you really want to appreciate Kiteboarding in Caliraya Lake, is to contact the Philippine Kiteboarding Association and find out when one of their members is planning to be there, and join them.

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