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Class 2 Sport Fishing Destination

Sport fishing in Caliraya Lake has been a notable sport since just after the 1950s. The American colonialists had initially stocked Caliraya Lake with wide-mouth bass and fished for recreation. Since 1953, other fish species have been introduced but the bass remain the main prize to this day.

The Philippine Game Fishing Foundation (PGFF) has adopted Caliraya Lake as a regular bass fishing competition venue on their annual events calendar; although no World record fish have been caught in the Lake, the pleasure in the challenge of bass fishing keeps sport fishing enthusiasts returning year after year.

Sport Fishing Locations Around Caliraya Lake

The primary area for sport fishing and for bass fishing in particular, is away from the resort hotels and the national road - these areas tend to get crowded with other water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing and kiteboarding, which tend to keep the fish away. To get to the best fish you need to paddle out in your boat the the central and western portions of the Lake.

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Rent Sport Fishing Equipment In Caliraya Lake

Renting sport fishing gear and equipment in Caliraya Lake is easy at most resort hotels but the quality of the fishing gear is not always of a standard required to catch prize fish. Renting a boat is also quite easy from the resort hotels The best advice is to bring your own fishing gear if you are planning to visit Caliraya Lake for some serious sport fishing.

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