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Class 2 Philippine Windsurfing Destination

Caliraya Lake is the closest highland lake to Metro Manila and enjoys predictable breezes throughout the northeast monsoon season (October to May) making it perfect for windsurfing enthusiasts who can day trip from Manila to sate their passion of fast windsurfing across flat water.

The Philippine Windsurfing Association typically organizes a windsurfing competition at Caliraya Lake in December of each year, as part of the Philippine Windsurfing Championship series.

Opportunities For Windsurfing Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Lake has a number of lakeside resorts that offer windsurf lessons and a number of private vacation homes where friendly windsurfing competition is encouraged on weekends for windsurfers who just turn up with their own boards and sails.

There are a number of public areas around the lakeshore, with car parks and camping spots, from where you can launch your sail across the lake and from where you friends can take your windsurfing-Caliraya photograph for posting on the Internet.

The windsurfing community in the Philippines, and in Caliraya Lake in particular, is very friendly to people who share the passion, so making friends and getting invited to share a weekend on the water is definitely on the cards.

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Windsurfing Equipment Rental In Caliraya Lake

Renting Windsurfing equipment in Caliraya Lake and quite easy if you are staying at one of the lakeside resorts or hotels. If you are day-tripping from Metro Manila then renting equipment may entail visiting a number of resorts along the lakeshore before you find one that will accommodate your wishes.

If you want to learn to windsurf then Caliraya Lake is a good place because the breezes and moderate and the water safe, and the lakeside resorts will be happy to accommodate you.

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