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Jet Skiing has been available around Camiguin Island for some years - the long established resorts have offered jet skis for rent for a decade or more, especially around Mambajao. The only thing that has prevented their proliferation is that most visitors to Camiguin travel here for Camiguin's natural beauty and, as a general rule, do not seek high-octane attractions. The downside for the jet skier is that there are only a few available for rent, the upside is that, for the time being, there is virtually no restriction on where you can travel on a jet ski.

Jet Skiing Locations Around Camiguin

The municipality of Mambajao, along the North coast, is where most of the oldest beach resorts are located on Camiguin Island and it is here that you will find jet skis parked by the waterfront, waiting for customers.

Taking a jet ski out to White Island may be an event, if time is important and money no object. Otherwise, the coast line is relatively unattractive from a jet skier's perspective because much of the coast features pebbly or rocky landing areas.

With the growth in the number of visitors to resorts around Camiguin Island it is likely that the numbers of jet skis will increase so there will probably be more opportunities, but it is also possible that along with an increase there may be a restriction on where it is possible jet ski.

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Rent Jet Skiing Equipment In Camiguin

Renting Jet Skis in Camiguin is possible at a handful of beach resorts along the North coast, mainly in the municipality of Mambajao. Some new resorts offer jet ski rental too, but customers are few . . . perhaps because of the cost - gasoline is more expensive on the island.

If you want to rent a jet ski in Camiguin then you can be almost guaranteed that one or more will be available on demand.

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