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Class 3 Philippines Kayaking Destination

Kayaking is not a new sport around Camiguin Island, the long established resort have offered kayaks for rent for more than a decade, but with the municipal push for low impact tourism, kayaks and kayaking are offered all around. Most of the kayaks are of the sit-on-top, sea-kayak type being the lightest and most durable.

Kayaking Locations Around Camiguin

Taguines Lagoon, Mahinog, is a great place to kayak. If you are a beginner then instruction is available at Taguines Lagoon,but if you are experienced to any degree then you can venture out from the lagoon and explore ancient mangrove forests, beaches and Benoni Port (the main ferry port of Camiguin).

You could also venture out from Taguines Lagoon to Mantigue Island although it is a bit of a trek and more easily reached from one of growing number of resorts along the coast from Mahinog to Mambajao. Mantigue Island is a superb kayaking destination insomuch as the island is almost perfectly deserted and yet the wardens of the island provide food and water to visitors and offer the additional adventure of snorkeling.

Kayaking from resorts along the Mambajao coast to White Island is another great adventure for kayak enthusiasts. Kayak to White Island for sunrise or sundown with your camera and you will feast on some of Mother Nature's most spectacular colors.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Camiguin

Renting Kayaking equipment in Camiguin is easy from many resorts along the North, East and West coast of the island. Rental prices are inexpensive and the equipment typically well maintained. If you rent from the Taguines Aquasports Center at the Taguines Lagoon then you will be assisting in a community tourism project that will encourage tourism development instead of mining or logging industries to flourish.

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