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Class 1 Philippines River Trekking Destination

River Trekking is relatively new as a sport in Camiguin Island, pioneered by one resort since 2010. havign said that, Camiguin Island offers many exciting river trekking opportunities delivering variety and excitement to satisfy both beginner and experienced trekkers.

The most exciting trekking routes that will take visitors along river courses high in the volcanic center of the Camiguin Island, with some routes offering complete immersion and where rappelling equipment is required to reach the objectives. Along most of the trekking routes you should be prepared to swim across pools.

Having said that, Camiguin offers one of the best opportunities in the Philippines for River Trekking a wide variety of rver environments, all within an island just 64Km round.

River Trekking Locations Around Camiguin

River Trekking around Camiguin is most rewarding along in the water courses that emanate from the two largest volcanoes: Mount Hibok-hibok and Mount Timpoong.

Mantalaga Falls

On Mount Hibok-hibok the highlight is the trek down the Mantalaga Falls, where rappelling equipment is definitely required in order to complete the route. If you are not experienced with rappelling then you will be pleased to know that instruction by experienced rappellers is provided at no extra charge. The trek back up Mantalanga Falls is as much fun as the trek down and no more surprising even though you know what is coming next.

Binangawan Falls

On Mount Timpoong the trek to the Binangawan Falls, although longer than the trek to Mantalaga Falls, does not require rappelling equipment if you are only going to see the rainbow. Note: the rainbow will only be seen by those who the spirits of the forest deem worthy so, if you want to see the Binangawan Falls rainbow then you should show respect for the forest along the trail; note also that the spirits may play games with you along the way.

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Rent River Trekking Equipment In Camiguin

Renting River Trekking equipment in Camiguin can be a bit of a challenge but there is at least one resort that specializes in the sport. Trekking guides are usually recruited from the local communities where the trekking routes are to be found. The costs are modest and the rewards far outweigh the expenditure.

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