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Class 2 Philippines Scuba Diving Destination

Scuba Diving is relatively new as a water sport in Camiguin Island. There are only a handful of dive shops located here although those that are, are almost all well equipped, with PADI certified staff and trainers. The main reason for the slow development of the sport in Camiguin is that, up until 2010, there was little accommodation to accept scuba diving enthusiasts. Added to this, until 2013, there was no direct flight to Camiguin Island and the journey from Manila would historically take more than a day.

Around Camiguin much of the water falls under Marine Protected Area status, which means that the underwater scenery is vibrant. However, most of the diving areas are less than 20 meters deep and do not have big fish action.

If you are learning to scuba dive or are a muck-diver (interested in macro photography) then Camiguin offers one of the best opportunities in the Philippines for scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Camiguin

Scuba Diving around Camiguin is most rewarding along the North coast, with special areas of interest around White Island. The reef to the East of White Island slopes slowly to 20 meters and more and offers some unique coral formations, rarely seen at these shallow depths.

As stated previously, for those wishing to learn to scuba dive, Camiguin Island is almost perfect because nowhere is dangerously deep and the currents are never to strong. Plus, Camiguin, being born of volcanic action, features lava formations at all depths that you would otherwise have to travel to Hawaii or Tenerife to see.

For muck-divers Camiguin offers a wide variety of macro photography opportunities, especially around the two small shipwrecks laying in relatively shallow water towards the West.

There are about twenty recognized dive sites around Camiguin Island and, depending on the time of year you arrive, you can easily visit at least ten dive sites during your stay.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Camiguin

Renting Scuba Diving equipment in Camiguin is easy. Although there are only a handful of dive shops around the island, all are well equipped and divemasters and dive guides are available to help you make the most of your scuba diving adventure in Camiguin.

Camiguin is considred to be an excellent place to learn to scuba dive because the tidal flowa are mostly only modest, the places of interest area all at recreational scuba depths and the Camiguin marine life is prolific.

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