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Class 2 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Kayaking around Candelaria, Zambales, gives you a choice of lake, river and ocean adventures to distant white sand islands. The water is clear and the opportunity for snorkeling and other water sports makes Candelaria a good kayaking destination.

Kayaking Locations Around Candelaria

There are number of kayaking destinations around Candelaria, Zambales, but the two most popular are:

Uacon Lake

The term “Uacon Lake” describes the large body of water that extends from the Uacon River to its outlet into the West Philippine Sea. The inner part of the waterway is lined with mangroves for the most part and, depending on the state of the tide, there are sand bars to pull up on where you can do your bit for the environment and do mangrove planting. Within the mangrove areas there are some interesting wildlife in the form of lizards and snakes, that may be observed hunting through the mangrove forests, and there is quite a variety of bird-life.

Putiput Island

About a kilometre off Uacon Beach are the white sand beaches of Putiput Island. Kayaking from Uacon Beach or all the way from Uacon Lake to Putiput Island is a great day trip. Putiput Island is small enough to walk around in less than one hour and, if you remembered to take your snorkeling gear, you can enjoy some bountiful, shallow coral reef adventures here.

Adventurous kayaking enthusiasts can paddle South from Uacon Beach, around the headland where Candelaria town is situated, and visit Masinloc Bay. Masinloc Bay is not quite interesting except for the outer islands where bird-life is reported to be seasonally quite exceptional.

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Kayaking Equipment Rental In Candelaria

Renting kayaking equipment (sea kayaks, paddles and safety gear) around Candelaria is easy in the vicinity of Uacon Beach because there is a People’s Organization specifically set-up to promote kayaking in the area. The People's Organization also provide kayaking guides to make sure you do not get lost amongst the mangroves. Some beach resorts also offer kayaks for rent.

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