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History Of Scuba Diving in Coron

The Scuba Diving story in Coron starts on 24th September, 1944, when an airborne attack on Imperial Japanese shipping sank nine vessels within the space of a few hours. Fast forward to the 1980s when scuba divers started to arrive and explore the shipwrecks, and tell the World how amazing the wreck diving experience was in Coron: clear waters and abundant marine life, with the opportunity to dive on shipwrecks undisturbed since World War II.

Although most of the shipwrecks are actually located around the adjacent municipality of Busuanga, Coron town became the center for scuba diving simply because it was the most developed place on Busuanga Island and closest to the ferry port and the original Coron airport. All except one of the shipwrecks are within an hour boat ride of Coron town.

One of the other features of wreck diving in Coron is that the shipwrecks rest on the seabed at a range of depths so no matter your level of scuba diving experience, you still have a choice of wreck diving a piece of history.

Scuba Diving Locations Around Coron

The wreck diving is the main attraction in Coron for scuba divers but the shipwrecks are not the only thing that motivates scuba divers to fly here from all around the World.

On the North shores of Busuanga Island, North of Coron airport, are white beaches fronting pristine reefs and large areas of seagrass, where sea turtles and dugong are regular visitors.

On the southwest side of Coron Island is the Cathedral Cave. Where you enter a tunnel on the shear wall of the island from six metres below the low tide mark, then pass along a passage to a depth of 12 metres before rising into the Cathedral cave. The Cathedral cave has a skylight above and a sandy knoll in the middle.

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Rent Scuba Diving Equipment In Coron

Scuba Diving equipment rental in Coron, is easy. There are many dive shops with good and serviceable equipment for rent and they will provide boats to get you there as well as divemasters and guides.

If you are a beginner then you need to know that Coron has qualified dive instructors for basic and advanced scuba diving courses.

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