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Deep water soloing is relatively new as a water sport in Coron and has only really been explored by a few committed enthusiasts since 2010. The limestone islands of Coron and Sangat have many potential areas for deep water soloing.

Deep Water Soloing Locations Around Coron

Deep water soloing around Coron is most rewarding along the limestone islands - Sangat, Coron and Black - where extreme weathering has taken place, creating the overhangs necessary to gain height and distance above the deep water.

Off the southern tip of Sangat Island offers such a place where a height of up to ten metres may be achieved for the drop into deep water that is warm and inviting.

The southern extremities of Coron island have similar weathered limestone formations most suitable for deep water soloing. Special permission must be obtained from the Tagbanua (the indigenous people of the area) before ascending the rocks here.

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Rent Deep Water Soloing Equipment In Coron

Truthfully, Deep water soloing gear is quite specialized and personal. At this time in Coron you must bring your own. If you are looking for local deep water soloing guides then the challenges are many as few understand why anyone would want to climb a rock face just to drop into the ocean . . . best advice is to rent a boat and ask to be taken around the limestone islands so that you can GPS locate the ones you might want to come back to with your gear.

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