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Class 2 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Kayaking enthusiasts who visit the Danao Adventure Park will find the Wahig River kayaking experience quite rewarding, especially if you enjoy the pain before the gain. Danao has set its sights on becoming the adventure centre of Bohol Island and offers more than just kayaking.

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Wahig River Kayaking is as much about enjoying the dramatic scenery as it is about getting a good workout on the water. From the entry point you kayak upstream for as far as you can and then let go and drift back down with the current. The towering cliffs of the river gorge are spectacular, with bonsai trees clinging to crevices along the route. The Wahig River itself is home to two indigenous species of river turtle as well as being quite abundant in fish stocks.

International as well as Philippine tourists find the Wahig River a rewarding half-day kayaking experience.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Danao

Renting Kayaking gear in Danao is easy at the Danao Adventure Park Panglao. Everything you need is available and enthusiastic guides are on hand to make sure you enjoy every minute of your paddling experience here.

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