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Class 1 Philippine Wakeboarding Destination

Wakeboarding Davao makes for a great weekend away or a whole week vacation. You have the choice of one of the best cable wakeboard parks in the Philippines or traditional wakeboarding behind a speed boat or jet ski. Whether you want to learn, polish your style or learn new tricks, all is possible when wakeboarding in Davao.

Wakeboarding Locations Around Davao

The cable wakeboard park, located in the small town of Mintal (about 30 minutes West of downtown Davao), has been operating for more than five years and has become one of the significant attractions for tourists visiting Davao. Tourists come from other parts of the Philippines and from overseas, especially visiting from Singapore, to learn to wakeboard or to photograph the acrobatic spectacle during international competition.

Traditional wakeboarding, behind a speed boat or jet ski, is possible along the Davao waterfront facing Samal Island, especially off the Lanang area beaches (about 10 minutes East of downtown Davao). In Lanang there are a number of beach resorts with water sports facilities and the water here is quite sheltered making wakeboarding fun for speed enthusiasts. Finding someone to safely teach you how to wakeboard behind a speed boat or jet ski is more challenging here. If you want to safely learn how to wakeboard then go to the cable wakeboard park in Mintal first.

For wakeboarding behind a speed boat most people prefer to visit Samal Island, just 10 minutes across the water from Davao City, where the facilities for traditional wakeboarding are more available.

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Rent Wakeboarding Equipment In Davao

Renting Wakeboarding equipment in Davao is easy and inexpensive at the Mintal cable wakeboard park; renting equipment is not so easy at the Lanang beach area so best to book wakeboarding ahead when making your beach resort reservation in Lanang.

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