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Class 1 Philippine White Water Rafting Destination

Davao became a white water rafting destination about a decade ago. Some visitors to Cagayan de Oro, who enjoyed the rafting experience there, recognized that the rivers tumbling water from the mountains to the West of Davao City had the same profile and potential. Davao white water rafting was born.

Today, white water rafting in Davao is accomplished with a 40-minute drive from downtown to mid-way up the Davao River. Depending on the time of year the white water rafting adventure can take three to siz hours, lunch is usually served along the way

White Water Rafting Locations Around Davao

The Davao River has only one stretch that has been surveyed and explored for white water rafting. As a result, in the peak of the rainy season only experienced rafters are taken to the river because it may be too dangerous for novices. Nevertheless, that leaves about nine months of the year open for everyone to enjoy Davao white water rafting.

If you have previously been white water rafting on the Cagayan de Oro River then you will find that the Davao River experience is perhaps more beautiful and a little more exciting because the quiet portions are shorter. There is always the chance along the Davao River that you may see a rare Philippine Eagle, perched or soaring above the cliffs.

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Rent White Water Rafting Equipment In Davao

Renting White Water Rafting equipment is encouraged through companies specifically formed for the purpose of promoting white water rafting. "Going alone" is discouraged because wherever Man and unknown water come together there is risk, and, like Cagayan de Oro, Davao prides itself on a zero injury record. There are currently (2013) two companies who are registered with the department of tourism for the business of white water rafting, both have offices in Davao city.

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