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Class 2 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Dumaguete, is already a popular kayaking destination, not specifically because kayaking is superb, although there are a few notable kayaking locations, but because scuba divers cannot fly the same day that they scuba dive so they usually take a lay-day and do something different . . . kayaking is an excellent activity for a lay-day and Dumaguete provides.

Kayaking Locations Around Dumaguete

The Twin Lakes is a simply beautiful location for kayaking. A 40-minute drive out of Dumaguete City and you will be immersed in the rainforested ridge that spans the entire length of Negros Island. At the Twin Lakes you can paddle across serene waters and nudge into the forest. If you are patient you will observe kingfishers and other water birds and, in the trees that cover the steep hillsides around, you will observe hornbills - if you are fortunate you will see the magnificent, indigenous Visayan Tarictic Hornbill (Penelopides panini). For birdwatchers the Twin Lakes may provide sight of up to a dozen endemic bird species.

Tambobo Bay, to the South of Dumaguete City, is another interesting kayaking location with a large, sheltered tidal bay surrounded with mangroves and plantations, with a little ship repairing mixed in. With direct access to the open sea through a narrow reef-protected passage, Tambobo Bay offers a fascinating and varied selection of habitats for wildlife and birds.

The coastline between Tambobo Bay and Dumaguete City also offers many interesting places to kayak into mangrove areas and, for the ironmen and ironwomen, you can kayak the eight kilometers across to Apo Island.

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Rent Boats For Kayaking In Dumaguete

Renting Kayaking equipment is relatively easy around Dumaguete as most dive resorts have at least two kayaks available for rent. At Twin Lakes you can rent kayaks or you can choose to paddle a native boat, rented from a community livelihood project.

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