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Class 2 Philippine River Trekking Destination

Dumaguete is new to River Trekking but the sport is likely to catch on because of the increasing popularity of the area for adventure tourism that goes beyond scuba diving. The main challenge is to find river trekking guides who are sufficiently knowledgeable. At the moment, there is only one community livelihood project that promotes river trekking.

River Trekking Locations Around Dumaguete

Lake Balanan is a beautiful location for River Trekking. A 30-minute drive from of Dumaguete City and you will find yourself beside a lake, recently formed (1925) by virtue of seismic activity. A paddle across Lake Balanan in a native outrigger boat and you will be deposited on the far shore from where you will walk a trail beside and across the river. This trek only has a level of difficulty of 1 up to the point of the waterfalls, beyond that the level increases but there are few guides who have been above the falls.

What is very interesting about this the river trek above Lake Balanan is the opportunity to see so many colorful, native bird species and small animals, such as lizards and snakes.

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Rent River Trekking Equipment In Dumaguete

Renting River Trekking equipment is problematic because there are no river treks, that are actively promoted, that require more than basic trekking clothing. In other words, you probably have everything you need in you check-in baggage if trekking is your thing. If you are an explorer trekker and want to boldly go where no man has gone before, then you should definitely expect to bring your own equipment.

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