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Class 1 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Kayaking in El Nido is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can enjoy on the water. A hundred islands and islets, featuring dramatic limestone cliffs undercut by the motions of the waves. Most islands are topped with patches of rainforest, and rimmed with pocket-beaches overflowing with soft white sand. For kayaking enthusiasts, El Nido provides an adventure that can paddle into weeks and for which there are probably insufficient descriptive superlatives in any language.

One of the reasons that El Nido is so attractive for kayaking is that it is relatively difficult to get to, which means that, despite the stunning beauty of the natural surroundings, there are not too many other kayakers around to interrupt your enjoyment of the majestic tranquility of the area.

When kayaking around El Nido, it is recommended that you take snorkeling gear with you, because almost every island is surrounded by vibrant corals and marine life that you will just want to get closer to.

Kayaking Locations Around El Nido

Every island in the area of El Nido is a kayaking location; honestly. The only real question is: what time of year are you planning to visit.

During the northeast monsoon season (October to May), the islands to the North and West are favored for kayaking, because these are the most sheltered from the occasionally moderate breezes. During the southwest monsoon season (June to September), the islands to the East of El Nido are favored for kayaking, because they are most sheltered from frequently moderate to strong breezes.

If you are only a short distance kayaker then almost anywhere around the El Nido area is good - at all times of the year - there is always some sheltered water where to paddle short distances, and where find a secluded beach to land on.

El Nido has so many kayaking locations and some have names that foretell, perhaps, or reminisce, probably, inspiring adventures: Secret Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Simizu Island, Papaya Beach, 7 Commandos Beach, Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Star Beach, Snake Island, Cathedral Cave and Paradise Beach, and many more.

If you are a marathon kayaker then you may enjoy paddling to the northeast of El Nido, to the adjacent Linapacan island group. If El Nido has relatively few visitors by virtue of its remoteness then Linapacan has even fewer.

No matter what time of year and what location your accommodation is in, El Nido must be on your kayaking bucket-list.

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Rent Kayaks & Equipment In El Nido

To rent kayaks and equipment around El Nido is easy. Kayaking is a popular sport activity around El Nido. Most resorts of any size will offer kayaks for rent at reasonable rates: between US$15-25 per day. Some even offer the very latest in clear kayaks or “glass bottom” kayaks, so you get to see even more of Mother Nature’s wonders beneath the surface.

If you are traveling with a large group of kayak enthusiasts then resorts will borrow kayaks from others to make sure you have sufficient for your adventure . . . best to let your chosen resort know in advance if you are likely to need more than just a few kayaks.

When kayaking around El Nido we thoroughly recommend bringing or renting snorkeling gear, for if you do not then you will regret the lost opportunities.

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