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Philippine Airline Route Finder

Use this page to find all Philippine airline routes for all Philippine airports. Discover which airlines fly to the Philippines from anywhere around Asia.

Select To / From airports below the Philippines' map to find the airlines that fly to where you want to go; click on an airline logo to go directly to that airline's website for booking and ticketing inquiries.


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Flying: More Fun In The Philippines

Travel by air to the Philippines and fly to almost every corner of the Philippine archipelago, within ninety minutes flying time or less, from any of the primary international airports: Manila/NAIA, Mactan Cebu International, Clark/DMIA and Davao International. Plus, there are no less than seven domestic airlines vying for your business, offering low-cost airfares to almost all destinations. Sometimes however, an as yet undiscovered Philippine holiday destination may have only a couple of flights a week, and the frequency of flights in the Philippines can vary depending upon the peak of the holiday season.

The only way to really know which route and which airline is best to fly to the Philippines' destination of your choice is to contact the airlines directly. But which airline flies you there?

AllSports Philippines in conjunction with MyCam-Asia has solved the how to fly to the Philippines question. Select from/to Philippines holiday destination and we display all the possible route options and the airlines to fly; click on the airline logo of your choice to connect to the airline website directly.

To help you find the fastest way to travel by air to the Philippine holiday destination of your choice, we list the direct flights first, followed by the no-change-of-carrier routes and finally the multiple-carrier route options.

If you want to fly to somewhere in the Philippines that does not have a route listed today then you can charter a flight from Manila/NAIA, Clark/DMIA, Mactan Cebu International or Subic Bay. You can charter a flight around the Philippines in anything from a Piper Cherokee to a Lear Jet, from a seaplane to a helicopter - the choice is yours when traveling by air in the Philippines.

Fly the Philippines with confidence and imbibe the beauty of this beautiful archipelago from the luxury of an airplane seat. Marvel at the famed 7107 islands as they pass below your wingtip and experience a warm tropical island welcome at every airport along your route.


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