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Iloilo is marked in Philippine golfing history as having the oldest golf course in the country and one of the oldest in Asia. A group of English and Scottish expatriates were building the Panay Island railway system, to transport sugar from around the island to the refineries in Iloilo City, when they came upon the area of Santa Barbara, North of what is now Iloilo City, which looked for all the world like the glens of far away Scotland. Thus, in 1907, was born the Iloilo Golf Club complete with a 9-hole golf course.

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In the 1980s, as Asian golfing became more popular, the current Iloilo Golf & Country Club remodeled the 9-hole golf course into a full, par 70, 18-hole golf course. Playing the Iloilo golf course today you are presented with a selection of sand-traps dating from 1907 mixed in with a splash of the 1980s modernization. The established, majestic trees around the course and the special panoramas, reminiscent of Scotland of old, are the main feature of this heritage golf course.

Green fees at the Iloilo Golf & Country Club range from US$40 to US$75, depending on the day you choose to play a round.

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Golfing Equipment Rental In Iloilo

Renting Golfing equipment in Iloilo is easy at the Iloilo Golf & Country Club, as is the hiring of caddies and umbrella carriers. There are no special membership requirements before playing golf here, but you may consider booking in advance on weekends and public holidays.

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