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Sailing around Iloilo, across the Iloilo Strait between Panay Island and Guimaras Island, has been a sport for decades. Every year since 1972, every February, the Philippines' longest running sailboat race series has taken place here. The sailboats used are adapted native sailboats, known as paraws. A paraw traditionally comprises a narrow dugout (originally) hull with planked sides and outriggers, it is powered by a lanteen sail and can reach speeds of around 25 knots.

The annual Iloilo Paraw Regatta was first organized in 1972 as an event for local fishermen to show their skills in boat building and seamanship. The spectacle of the event is enhanced by the painting of the sails with colorful motifs and designs, drawn from the imagination of local high school art students. The prize money for winning races has increased over the years and this has had a detrimental effect on the sail painting - the paint is heavy and prevents the sail from forming a perfect shape in light winds - resulting in less color applied but more speed achieved. Regrettably, it is almost impossible to participate in the Iloilo Paraw Regatta unless you can acquire your own purpose built racing paraw but as a colorful spectacle of sailing it is second to none.

Opportunities For Sailing Iloilo

Anyone can sail along Iloilo's beaches especially off Oton and Tigbauan, West of the Iloilo City proper.

The best sailing around Iloilo City is in dinghies and beach catamarans.There are precious few keelboats in the area because there are no mooring areas or anchorages in the vicinity that can be made safe if a typhoon should track this far South (typically only one per year). The nearest sheltered anchorages can be found on nearby Guimaras Island.

There is an active sailing club in Oton, Iloilo, and they offer training courses for visitors who want to learn to sail in the warm tropical waters of the Iloilo Strait. If you want to learn to sail while on vacation then Iloilo should be very high on your list of possible locations.

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Sailing Boat Rental In Iloilo

Renting Sailing boats and gear in Iloilo is easy if along the beaches of Oton and Tigbauan, to the West of Iloilo City. The sailing club in Oton provides sailing dinghies and beach catamarans for rent. Most beach resorts will be able to find a native paraw for you to sail if the mood takes you.

Sailing courses are provided by the sailing club, by prior arrangement.

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