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Class 2 Philippine Caving / Potholing Destination

Kapalong, Davao del Norte, is a very good Caving / Potholing destination, with scores of caves set in the limestone hills in the northern reaches of the province. Not all the caves have yet been surveyed by speleologists but six have been opened for caving / potholing enthusiasts. Most of the caves are considered wet caves and host resident cave life, in the form of: fruit bats and/or insect bats, swifts, reptiles, insects, spiders and fish.

Locations for Caving / Potholing in Kapalong

For Caving / Potholing enthusiasts Kapalong offers six caves for general caving / potholing tourism. The signature cave, that you must not miss, is Okbot Cave . . . 383 metres of wet caving adventure. Okbot Cave is named after the a medicine man of the Dibabawon Tribe, the indigenous settlers of this area; the medicine man used the cave for rituals and for shelter during calamities.

From the cave opening to the dead end and return, Okbot Cave will surprise and likely entrance visitors, from the first chamber to the last, with a display of crystalline structures, Stalactites, Stalagmites, Draperies, Flowstone, Helictites, Cave corals and much more. Inside Okbot Cave, narrow fissures, naturally carved by the flowing stream, make the adventure experience naturally refreshing. And, with at least ten recorded species of cave life, Okbot Cave offers something for every visitor to pixelate and post on the Internet.

Kapalong's other five caves:

  • Kambal Cave - length 130 metres, 5 crystal formation types, 6 cave life species
  • Otso Cave - 300 metres, 10 crystal formation types, 6 cave life species
  • Alena Cave - 200 metres, 12 crystal formation types, 5 cave life species
  • Suaon Underground River - 1000 metres, 5 crystal formation types
  • Sambayon Cave - 50 metres, mythical giant snake inhabits this cave

Most of these caves require a hike through farmland or forest to reach the entrance; the hike may be up to 45 minutes before you reach the entrance to the cave. All the caves require a cave guide as some still have unexplored passages.

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Rent Caving / Potholing Equipment In Kapalong

Caving / Potholing equipment such as helmets and headlamps is available for rent at the municipal tourism office or at the barangay hall closest to the cave site. Cave guides are required and will usually be assigned from the barangay hall closest to the cave site. Although the helmets and headlamps are provided for rent, suitable clothing, such as overalls (or at least long sleeve shirts, long pants), gloves and appropriate sturdy footwear are your responsibility. Note: although food and water may be available at or near the caving areas, it is advisable to bring the basic essentials with you.

Payment of visitor fees and cave guide fees are usually made at the municipal tourism office or at the barangay hall closest to where the cave is located; a official receipt will be provided and is required before access to the caves is allowed. Tipping of cave guides, who excel in their knowledge and capabilities, is quite acceptable.

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