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Class 2 Philippine Caving Destination

Mabinay has around 300 limestone caves of which some 45 have currently been explored and documented in some detail; of the 45, only eight are open for general access. The local tourism office has developed three primary areas of caving and, with one exception, has made them easy to get to. However . . .

Caving / Potholing Locations In Mabinay

Odloman Cave

There is one cave in Mabinay that has so far defied all attempts to determine its actual length. This is Odloman Cave and it is for the serious speleologist (caver / potholer); Odloman Cave is not on the main tourist route. At reportedly 8.7 kilometers in length, and with a drop of 80 meters, Odloman Cave vies with the famous St. Paul's Underground River Cave system in Palawan for the top position of the longest cave in the Philippines. Exploration of the Odloman Cave has reached as far as a fast flowing waterfall at the 8.7Km mark but lack of equipment has so far prevented further exploration beyond the waterfall.

Panligawan Cave & Pandanihan Cave

The Panligawan Cave was reportedly used by secret lovers in times long ago; and, the Pandanihan Cave, where the indigenous people once offered marriage vows. These two caves are considered beginner's caves insomuch as they are easy walk-in/out caves.

The Mabajo Cave

A little more advanced, the Mabajo Cave requires rappelling down into the cave entrance. A river runs through two vaulting chambers and, with scuba gear, avid cavers / potholers can access a further chamber. Exiting is usually across the river and climbing a bamboo ladder.

Crystal Cave

Located near the tourism center where you pick up your gear and guides, is the Crystal Cave, a simple walk-in/out. There is a steel walkway throughout and back-lighting for the crystals.

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Rent Caving / Potholing Equipment In Mabinay

Renting caving / potholing equipment in Mabinay is easy and inexpensive. Hard hats, lamps and rappelling gear (where available) are rented from the tourism office. The tourism office also doubles as the briefing center and is where you hire cave guides.

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