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Mabinay has a long history, dating back long before the invaders and colonials arrived on Negros Island. High in the mountainous interior of Negros Oriental, near the border with Negros Occidental, the residents revere the waters that cascade down the mountains. Stories of Princesses and warriors add fine color to the rugged, forested terrain. The Municipality of Mabinay has taken steps to capitalize on the beauty of the area and the eons-old legends, to make kayaking in the spring-fed lakes a tourist highlight.

Kayaking Locations Around Mabinay

Set in a forest park, Mabinay Spring has kayaks for rent throughout the year but you cannot travel so far as the lake disappears at the water's exit point. Nevertheless, if you find the mountain air too dry then you can get wet kayaking Mabinay Spring and enjoy the towering trees and wildlife that surround it.

The river that flows northwest from Mabinay, towards Negros Occidental, has been identified as a potential kayaking and water rafting destination. As yet only trialed using rubber boats, the municipal reports are encouraging and, perhaps in 2014, this will be a more exciting place to kayak in the future.

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Rent Kayaking Equipment In Mabinay

Renting Kayaking equipment at Mabinay Spring is easy and inexpensive. Kayaks are rented from a community livelihood project set up by the municipality in 2010.

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