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Class 1 Philippine Scuba Diving Destination

Malapascua is synonymous with thresher sharks. Ever since the first scuba divers arrived and explored the sea mounts and shoals in the vicinity of Malapascua Island, the lure of observing and photographing thresher sharks, while they have their teeth cleaned every morning, is what has made Malapascua unique across the seven seas.

Diving with thresher sharks is for many, a once in a lifetime experience. Thresher sharks are not common in the World's oceans but to have the virtual guarantee of seeing them in one location, year round, is what makes Malapascua a must dive destination. Add to this the frequent visits of manta rays throughout most of the year and you have big fish action that is hard to beat outside of Tubbataha Reef.

In addition to thresher sharks, on a seasonal basis, Malapascua Island is a great place to see other large ocean predators such as hammerhead sharks, whitetip sharks and requiem sharks, plus manta rays, eagle rays and devil rays. At the smaller end of the spectrum Malapascua offers up mandarin fish, nudibranchs, blue ringed octopus and various cuttlefish & squid. And a whole host of tropical reef fish that are seen in most other Philippine scuba diving locations.

Opportunities For Scuba Diving Malapascua

We will say it again, Malapascua has thresher sharks year round. They come to Monad Shoal early every morning to have their teeth cleaned by the resident wrasse; Monad Shoal, located southeast of Malapascua Island, is rather unremarkable for any other reason. At a depth of between 20-25 meters Monad Shoal sits on the edge of a 200 meter deep drop to the ocean floor and it is this bathymetry that the thresher sharks find most attractive. The thresher sharks can arrive from the safety of the deep, have their teeth cleaned and slip away into the deep again, away from the threat of Man . . . except for the occasional camera flash. In addition to thresher sharks, Monad Shoal is frequently a good place to observe manta rays and sometimes eagle rays. Note: diving Monad Shoal is for divers with a some experience so do not expect it to be rolled into a basic learn to scuba dive course.

Gato Island is one of the most spectacular dive areas northwest of Malapascua Island. Gato Island is a Marine Sanctuary where sea snakes are a major beneficiary of the protection. Expect to see whitetip sharks wither sleeping in the caves or circling around the cathedral. Here there is a tunnel that will take you from one side of Gato Island to the other, at a depth of around ten meters.

Another fascinating dive site for a very special fish is the Lighthouse. At the Lighthouse, to the West of Malapascua Island, you will always find the rare and incredibly colored mandarin fish. Mandarin fish breed here off Malapascua and if the time is right you will find them mating right before your camera lens. Share that on the Internet and your friends will be beyond green with envy.

Malapascua offers wreck diving too. Maybe not as many as famous as the Coron Wrecks or those in Subic Bay, but there is a selection of World War II shipwrecks and a couple more modern, including the large inter-island ferry Doña Marilyn, which sank here on 24th October, 1988.

One of the latest attractions for scuba divers in Malapascua is the chance to learn how to use a rebreather for extended periods below the waves. Although the availability of a rebreather is not unique to Malapascua in the Philippines, the thresher sharks and manta rays give you a real reason to learn to use and enjoy.

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Scuba Diving Equipment Rental Around Malapascua

Renting Scuba Diving equipment in Malapascua is very easy as most beach resorts have dive shops or are themselves dive resorts. Scuba diving guides are available for hire as are divemasters and instructors. Because of the mostly deep dive sites around Malapascua there are many instructors here to teach technical diving skills.

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