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Rowing has been a sport in Manila for more than a century. Originally as an integral part of the British Club based on Manila Bay's waterfront, the Manila Boat Club once enjoyed the sheltered waters along Roxas Boulevard (then Dewey Boulevard) during the northeast monsoon, from October to May each year. The Manila Boat Club became a distinct entity in 1912 when the Manila Club moved to a city location and the rowers migrated to their current location along the Pasig River.

The sport of rowing in Manila became one of the predominant competitive sports for the colleges and universities of Metro Manila through to the 1970s. After Martial Law was imposed (under then President Ferdinand Marcos) the colleges and universities found it more challenging to organize events outside their own premises and the sport fell off the sports calendar.

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After years of decline, the sport has been revitalized within the last decade and you can find enthusiasts from the Manila Boat Club rowing on the Pasig River, early every Tuesday and Sunday morning.

As a spectator sport rowing on the Pasig River has many advantages, with long pedestrian walkways that line the riverbank. Regattas are held regularly, with the colleges and universities becoming interested once again in rowing and the competitive juices are starting to flow.

If you are a rowing enthusiast then the only obstacle to participation in the sport is that, at the beginning of the rainy season (May through September) the Pasig River is often filled with large clumps of water hyacinth, which can pose a navigational hazard too large to avoid.

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Rent Rowing Equipment In Manila

Renting Rowing equipment is easy if you contact the Manila Boat Club, they have (skulls and Sweeps) singles, pairs/doubles, fours/quads and eights that are well maintained. An experienced cox is almost always available for a very modest fee.

If you want to row alone, on the Pasig River (or any other body of water within Metro Manila), then you will have to bring your own shells.

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