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If you are a sailing enthusiast in Manila and you want to sail dinghies then you can join the Philippine Sailing Association on the waterfront beside the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines), they will welcome you with open arms. If you want to sail keelboats then the only obstacle to participation in the sport in Manila is to become a member of the Manila Yacht Club.

Sailing in Manila has been an organized sport since 1927 when a yacht club was formed on the shores of Manila Bay, near what is now the U.S. Embassy. Members of the colonial elite sailed their yachts around the bay while the mass of the population could only imagine what these strange foreigners found so appealing about being out in the sun, on the water, acting like fishermen but not attempting to catch any fish.

Following World War II and the return of sovereignty of the Philippines to the Filipino, a few of the privileged Philippine elite joined in the sport of sailing and started to compete for trophies, but the sport did not attract many as there was little tangible reward for a day of effort under the hot sun. Those that did get the sailing bug excelled at the sport because the physique of the Filipino is ideally suited to the sport, especially in the generally light winds offered up by Manila Bay.

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Until the turn of this century, the sport of sailing was enthusiastically pursued in Manila Bay, with competitive sailing every Wednesday evening and regattas almost every alternate Saturday or Sunday during the Winter months (October to May), and long distance races to destinations in adjacent provinces. However, within this century, the sport of sailing has all but died in the yacht club, which is now less of a sailing club and more of a private club for businessmen.

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Rent Sailing Equipment In Manila

Renting sailing dinghies is easy if you contact the Philippine Sailing Association. If you want to sail keelboats then you will have to bring your own boat and find a place to moor it.

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