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Class 2 Philippine Caving / Potholing Destination

Mariduque has more than 150 known caves, mostly formed from limestone, and some with eco-systems so fragile that entry is prohibited except for research purposes. A handful of underwater caves may also be explored around the island for those with cave diving experience and equipment.

The majority of the caves that are open for caving enthusiasts are located in the South and East portions of Marinduque Island, but almost all municipalities have at least one cave to promote. Most of the caves that are currently open for tourism (2014) are easy walk-throughs but there are more, yet to be explored and classified. Stay tuned to Marinduque caving opportunities because there is a feeling that there will be unexpected treasures to be found here, as the sport of caving becomes more popular in the Philippines, and when Marinduque gets its newly refurbished airport (2014).

Opportunities For Caving In Marinduque Island

The majority of the named caves on Marinduque Island have been used by Man for millennia, for refuge, worship or burial. For serious cavers and potholers, most of the caves will appear somewhat tame, with few challenges. But the attraction of Marinduque caves is the extreme variety of cave formations and some unique cave fauna. Here are three of the most traveled cave systems on Marinduque Island.

Ka Amon Caves

The Ka Amon Cave system at Bonliw, Torrijos, includes caves that have restricted access by virtue of the fragile cave eco-systems and cave structures. The cave known as Ka Amon 2 is open to visitors and provides a very good introduction to limestone forms including flowstone, stalactites, stalagmites and crystalline forms that sparkle in a caver's flashlight. Elements of the Ka Amon caves have been used by Man for thousands of years for ceremonial activities and for storing burial pots. In 1881, documented exploration of the caves revealed burial pots and artifacts that date from an arguably more civilized age in the archipelago - before Spanish colonization.

Bathala Caves

The Bathala Cave system spans eight named caves - Church Cave, Secret Cave, Python Cave, Cemetery Cave, Lihim Cave, Underground Cave, River Cave and Kay Mendez Cave, each with its own character and history of use by Man. In addition to the eight named Bathala caves there are other caves that have not yet been explored from a scientific perspective nor named. The cave names give an idea of what one can expect to find within.

San Isidro Caves

The San Isidro Cave system, in Santa Cruz, is a relatively newly explored cave system that is reported to extend for at least two kilometers. Bats and other fauna are found throughout the cave but not all cave inhabitants have been fully documented. Still not fully explored, the San Isidro Cave system is definitely for those who enjoy getting wet caving.

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Caving / Potholing Equipment Rental On Marinduque Island

Renting caving / potholing equipment on Marinduque island is easily accomplished if you visit the main cave systems open for tourism. If you want to explore beyond the main tourist routes then you will have to bring your own caving gear.

Cave guides for the main cave systems are readily available for hire and the cave guide fees (around US$4 to US$7, depending on the cave system) are small by comparison to some other places for caving in the Philippines.

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