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Class 2 Philippine Kayaking Destination

Mariduque Island has large swathes of mangroves that protect river estuaries and conceal secluded beaches. The best way to explore mangroves is by kayaking.

Paddling your kayak slowly through the dense mangrove forests provides a unique opportunity to observe Mother Nature in the raw. By day, you will see and hear a thousand birds, you will catch glimpses of stalking monitor lizards and snakes; by night, a thousand fireflies may fill the forest with a dynamic glow.

Marinduque is relatively new to the sport of kayaking and there are many paddling areas yet to be charted but if you want to be one of the first with your camera to capture something quite unqiue then you need to kayak Marinduque.

Opportunities For Kayaking Around Marinduque Islands

Because kayaking is relatively new to Marinduque, there are few places where you find kayaks and guides, but this is changing as more people visit and discover that kayaking is actually an excellent way to discover Marinduque's waterways and islands. The two areas listed below will be added to shortly:

Carmen Eco-Adventure Park

The Carmen Eco-Adventure Park in Santa Cruz, is a community development project that offers kayaking through mangroves combined with bird watching. The 14-hectare Carmen Eco-Adventure Park provides equipment and knowledgeable guides for a very interesting paddle into a part of the Philippines that few have explored. Bring you camera, slowly paddle through the mangroves and take home some fascinating wildlife photographs to post on the Internet.

Polo, Mongpong and Maniwaya Islands

The three island of Polo, Mongpong and Maniwaya offer a combination of mangrove kayaking and distance kayaking (between the islands). A limited number of kayaks are available for those with the passion to paddle and explore new places. Bring your snorkeling gear and your camera and your kayak adventure may be more memorable here than anywhere you have been before.

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Kayaking Equipment Rental On Marinduque Island

Renting kayak equipment on Marinduque island is easy at the Carmen Eco-Adventure Park, renting a kayaks elsewhere you mostly have to rely on resorts. Rates for rental (2014) are around US$4 to US$7 per hour, with daily rentals providing substantial discounts.

Kayaking guides outside the Eco-Adventure park are more of a challenge, but local fishermen are a good source of information about mangrove areas that may be worth visiting.

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